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Privacy policy / site policy

The purpose of the site is to enable members of the public to help improve cycling and walking through submitting proposals for street improvements.

We aim at all times to operate a privacy-aware site that protects your rights.

This website is operated by CycleStreets Ltd, a not-for-profit social enterprise (company no. 06948959) working to increase cycling (and active travel more generally), based in Cambridge.

Submitted ideas are open data, as stated on the submission form, licensed as public domain. This data can be downloaded using the data export links provided.

No personal data (names, addresses, e-mails, etc.) is collected or stored by the Widen My Path site (or its iframe when embedded).

Data is solely processed on servers in the UK.

No intrusive user tracking cookie technologies such as Google Analytics are in use.

The server logs have standard IP default logging enabled for the purposes only of site security. These are checked only retrospectively in the event of a security issue requiring investigation.

Security is in place to prevent duplicate Like submissions. This mechanism does not send any identifiable data to the server, only a SHA-256 hash which is derived in memory from the user's IP and browser type. SHA-256 hashes are not reversible, i.e. cannot converted back to either the IP or browser type. Intrusive techniques such as browser canvas fingerprinting are not used.

If you have any questions on use of personal data, please do contact us via the feedback link below.

While it is not our intention to moderate postings or prevent dissenting views, overtly anti-cycling postings will be subject to removal, as they will be considered off-topic.

Postings that are defamatory or abusive will also be subject to removal. Any such postings can be reported via the feedback link in the footer.

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